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Desiree Mattingly is an award winning  artist who was born in Pennsylvania and raised in New York  until the age of 13. She then moved to Indiana and currently resides.

Throughout childhood, her parents, both artistic in their own right, were incredibly encouraging of her creativity. After several years of working miscellaneous jobs, and trying to fit art around her schedule, it occurred to her that she either was or was not an artist. Luckily for her many fans and clients, she chose the former.
Loving all mediums of art, she found her true passion in tattooing  and started Slingers Tattoo in Monrovia in 2010. Still today tattooing is her lively hood and has no plans of ending that career any time soon.

"I am doing what I love and hopefully that joy is reflected in my work. I strive very hard to make each and every piece reflect the person that I am and the artist I am becoming."

Having dedicated herself to art for the last 20 years and counting, Desiree continues to challenge herself creatively by approaching each piece of artwork  as an opportunity to try something new. 

“When it comes to tattooing that artwork walks out the door’s no longer mine it belongs to the person wearing it.” Now feeling the need to create her own artwork that expresses herself versus the expressions of someone else is exactly why She started Eternal Designs.

“Artistry is one ability that makes humans special ... and I am extremely thankful to be a part of world.”

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